Compressed air couplings

KS compressed air couplings are used where a quick and safe hose connection is required when connecting compressed air tools

KS compressed air couplings are manufactured in two sizes, 1/4" and 3/8", with different capacities and have a range of accessories covering a wide range of applications with many possible combinations (max 35 bar)

Even rough treatment does not damage the coupling, as the rolled jacket and coupling nipples are made of hardened steel. All parts are treated to protect against rust.

Nipple: Brass, chrome-plated CW614N
Gasket: Nitrile (NBR)
O-ring: Nitrile (NBR)
EPDM: O-ring on valve in valve couplings*
Locking ring: Stainless steel
Spring: Stainless steel
Locking cap: Brass, chrome-plated
Locking balls: Stainless hardened steel
Housing: Brass, chrome-plated