Quality and environment

**We want only the best.** For our customers and the world.

At NITO, we care about doing things right. In fact, we make a virtue of it. For us, quality and the environment are more than just buzzwords. With more than 12 decades behind us, we believe that our longevity is due to an unshakeable belief in quality and long-lasting solutions – and not least a continuous focus on hygiene and environmental concerns. That's why we build on our extensive experience every single day. See how we do that:


Integrity and reliability are fundamental and guiding principles for us. We are uncompromising when it comes to materials and functionality and are acutely aware of our responsibilities as a manufacturer and supplier to key industries. These principles guide our daily actions and are reflected in all aspects of our business, including our commitment to environmental and sustainability goals.

Our commitment to integrity means that we always act transparently and honestly. This includes full traceability of our raw materials and compliance with all relevant environmental regulations and industry standards. Our materials are carefully selected to ensure that they are not only of the highest quality, but also sustainable and environmentally friendly. We work closely with certified suppliers who share and support our high standards.

For us, reliability means that our products always meet or exceed our customers' expectations. Environmental compatibility plays a central role in this. Our production processes are designed to use resources efficiently and minimize emissions. Our aim is to deliver sustainable products that are not only functional and durable, but also environmentally friendly.

Our responsibility as a manufacturer and supplier extends to the entire supply chain. We rely on long-term partnerships with suppliers who are also committed to sustainable practices. This enables us to ensure that our products are manufactured in accordance with strict environmental standards, from the procurement of raw materials to delivery to our customers.

Our employees are a key part of our commitment to sustainability. We promote a culture of mindfulness and environmental awareness within our company.

At NITO A/S in Haderslev, integrity and reliability are not only core values, but also the driving force behind our continuous pursuit of excellence and sustainability. We pride ourselves on being a reliable partner for our customers, not only delivering high quality and functional products, but also having a positive impact on the environment and society. Our goal is to ensure a sustainable and livable future for generations to come through our actions.


We are continuously developing the company's processes, products and marketing.

Customer service

We strive to meet the needs and expectations of every customer.


We are characterized by values such as initiative, cooperation, credibility and commitment.


Our products can be found at leading wholesalers in the industrial, sanitary and DIY sectors.


The environment and sustainability are a real concern for us. So much so that we have a vision to be the clutch manufacturer in the Nordics that leads the way in promoting quality and contributing to a sustainable world by making a real and measurable contribution to SDG 6.

Our commitment to the environment starts with the selection of raw materials and continues through all stages of production. We use many materials that are environmentally friendly and recyclable and take care to keep energy consumption in our production as low as possible. Our modern production facilities are energy efficient and equipped with the latest technology, which helps us to minimize our environmental footprint.

In addition, we have implemented strict measures to reduce and dispose of waste. Our goal is to reduce waste to a minimum and ensure that all unavoidable waste is disposed of properly and in an environmentally friendly manner. We strive to promote and implement sustainable practices in all aspects of our business.

Through innovative technologies and processes, we help to reduce water consumption in production and improve water quality.

Our aim is not only to meet our own environmental standards, but also to set new benchmarks in our industry. We work closely with partners and suppliers to ensure that our entire supply chain is environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Our commitment to the environment and sustainability is also reflected in our corporate values.

We firmly believe that economic success and environmental responsibility can and must go hand in hand.

At NITO A/S in Haderslev, we are proud to be a company that not only manufactures high quality couplings, but also actively contributes to protecting our environment and creating a sustainable future.