All high-pressure spray guns and lances

Large range of High-Pressure Spray Guns, Lances, Foam Lances, Nozzles

NITO HIGH-PRESSURE SPRAY GUNS AND LANCES. The spray guns are available with couplings in 3/8 and internal thread in M22 and 1/4". The lances are available in lengths 900MM and 1200MM. Various spray guns and lances are compatible with either KEW, Standard or Kärcher.

The spray guns have a newly developed system that requires only a third of the normal force to be pushed in and held. The spray guns are made of a strong material, so they can withstand impacts and being dropped even on hard concrete floors. The spray guns are available both with and without coupling.

The foam lance clicks onto the gun, then the soap is sprayed out quickly and effectively – and you avoid soap residue in the system, e.g. in pipes and hoses.