Spray guns

Nito II spray guns

Nito II is suitable for flushing and cleaning jobs in industry and trades

NITO II Industrial Spray Gun features stepless regulation and easy adjustment of the spray pattern.
The gun is equipped with a chemical-resistant rubber tip nozzle that protects against impact and shock.

For flushing and cleaning jobs in industry and trades where a robust and water-saving spray gun is required
For water with or without soap solution, e.g. rinsing, washing, flushing and soap dispensing
The jet is infinitely adjustable from a concentrated jet to a 60° jet
Adjustable jet characteristics without the need for tools
For safety reasons, the spray gun is lockable, meaning that the trigger cannot be pressed when the lock is in operation
Protection of the hand against heat
Ergonomically correct design
The outer nozzle of the gun is made from chemical-resistant rubber, which protects the gun by absorbing external impacts and shocks.
Not steam-resistant
Avoid scalding: Use safety couplings

Technical specifications:
Working pressure: Max. 25 bar
Temperature: Max. 90°C
Weight: 0.7 Kg
Volume flow (at 5 bar):
2-nozzle: 20 l/min. 3-nozzle: 30 l/min.
4-nozzle: 40 l/min. 6-nozzle: 60 l/min.
Materials: Valve
Housing: Die-cast aluminium
Valve parts: Brass MS58 and stainless steel EN 1.4523
Gaskets: EPDM/HBR
Plastic parts: Orgalloy
Connection options: 3/4" internal RG (standard)
NITO nipple: 1/2", 3/4" and 1"
Hose tips: 1/2", 3/4" and 1"

Manufactured in our own factory in Denmark